Observatory Construction
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The floor frame is supported by concrete-set posts. The Sono-tube is there for position only. The concrete will not be poured until later.

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I set up my CGE-11 in the framed observatory to be sure that there was adequate room for the scope. There is.

Frame-Wide-View.jpg (143191 bytes)

This view from the second floor of the house shows the position of the observatory relative to the garage.

Support-Base.jpg (90003 bytes)

The roll-off supports were set on concrete.

Roof-Frame.jpg (81099 bytes)

The roof was framed off of the structure as it needed to be solid without a frame holding it in place. Dave commented that he had framed many roofs, but it was quite strange framing it off the structure.

Roof-Frame-On.jpg (126004 bytes)

The roof was framed to match the garage. A bit un-traditional direction of roll-off, but it works fine.

Pier-Hole.jpg (65765 bytes)

Yes, the concrete for the pier was poured after the floor was laid.

T-in-Pier-Hole.jpg (49923 bytes)

My daughter is checking the depth of the pier. It was deepened by 6 inches after this test.

Pier-Bolts.jpg (104332 bytes)

The concrete is set with bolts in place. The pier fit on the bolts perfectly. One design advantage of the Sky Shed pier is that you can adjust the top in azimuth, so setting the bolts does not require any polar alignment.

Roof-Rollers.jpg (129244 bytes)

The roof moves easily on the garage-door style rollers. You need to either slightly tilt the rails to the outside or drill holes in them, otherwise water will flow into the observatory.

Tar-Paper.jpg (123670 bytes)

The observatory has Hardiplank® siding to match the house and garage. Part of the esthetic requirement.

OBS-Side-Final.jpg (141396 bytes)

Complete! More pictures back on the observatory page.

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